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Drafting by Mecatec Design Pty Ltd

We provides services in mechanical and piping drafting,
3D-design and 2D-drafting to mining, maintenance and industrial industries. As a small business, we value every client. Therefore, we aim to find the best possible solution for your business.

If you do not have your own design and drafting resources, or if your resources are overloaded, we can provide you with

  • Design of new products and systems
  • Visualisations of your product ideas or parts
  • Concept design
  • Piping drafting
  • Sheet metal design and drafting
  • Injection moulded parts 3D modeling and drafting
  • Design and drafting of new machinery or equipment
  • Re Design and cost optimizing
  • Exchange parts design and drafting
  • Fixtures or jig for new or existing parts
  • Product and systems, maintenance manuals
  • Spare parts catalogues
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Factory layout planning
  • Patent drawings
 Design and drafting are the key elements for success of any new or existing product, and are therefore most important to your company. That’s why it is important to have the right partner.

At Mecatec Design

  • We know how things are done on the shop floor
  • We know modern manufacturing techniques
  • We are not going for the “first is best” quick-fix solution
  • We are committed to excellence in engineering

Mecatec Assurance

Mecatec Design will provide full support to meet your design and drafting challenges. If you have any questions or would like to speak with us, please feel free to contact us.

The person behind Mecatec Design

Alain Bonfils, born in Switzerland in 1963
Fully trained and certified toolmaker and machinist
(Switzerland 1980-1984)
Tool making and machining (Feller AG, Switzerland 1985-1988)

Graduated in Industrial Engineering (Switzerland 1990)
Production planning (Feller AG, Electromechanical industry,
(Switzerland 1989-1991)
Production planning (SQ-Porducts AG, Medical industry,
Switzerland 1992-2000)
Migration to Perth, Australia (2000)
Established Mecatec Design Pty Ltd (Perth 2002)
(formerly Swiss Precision Design)
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