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Mechanical design and drafting

Visualizations of your product ideas, prototypes and parts before going to the workshop is more important than ever. It will save you time and money. Today's modern software allows you to do just that.
  Step 1

A project often starts with your ideas. These ideas

Might be on paper in the form of a simple sketch
Might already be on an existing drawing, or
Might be ideas still only in your mind

  Step 2

We will construct a 3D model and assembly of your ideas. You are then able to review the model on your PC, or we will come to you with a computer to discuss all the details and make any changes you require. We will also be able to manipulate all the moving parts to ensure correct clearance and travel.

  Step 3

We revise the model, after which changes will be reviewed and approved by you.

  Step 4

At this stage FEA (Finite Element Analysis) simulations can be performed to make sure the system can withstand to all the required stresses and if necessary improve the structure accordingly.

  Step 5

2D drawings will be made, then sent to you for verification.
Drawings can be made to your specifications. If changes have to be made, we can go back to Step 3 and revise the model without losing the drawings, as they stay connected to the model.

  Step 6

Once you are happy, a final set of drawings will be printed and forwarded to you.


The 3D models or 2D drawings can be delivered via e-mail, or on CDs through Australia Post in a wide range of different formats.  They can be printed on paper up to size A0.

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